New To Tazball!

Introducing, Battle Archery! Go back to medieval times with the good old bow & arrow, and get the chance to do battle with your mates! Whether that's on-site on our paintball fields, or making use of our mobile unit, become your own Robin Hood or William Tell! Click here for more information!

Battle Archery Battle Archery Battle Archery Equipment

Not only this, but Tazball now also have throwing activities! Be the manliest man (or woman!) you can be with our selection of tomahawks, throwing knives & 'Flying Angels'! And it's not just throwing things at wood, you'll be given different challenges and activities to complete and prove who is the Top Frontiersman/woman! Check out our Cold Steel package below. This can also be purchased as an add-on package, to accompany any other of our activities!

Tomahawks knives Flying Angels throwknives

2016 Cold Steel

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